Taste the Ryvita®

Ryvita® has a long standing reputation for delicious, English crispbread made from simple & natural ingredients sourced from our trusted local farmers.

The Perfect Crunch

Before being carefully baked for the perfect crunch, the dough is pressed with our unique Ryvita® Rosetta design to ensure the hot air cooks the crispbread evenly when it’s in the oven.

We’ve used this same design for over 70 years!

Simply Good for you

You will only find simple, natural ingredients in Ryvita® products. Whole grain rye is the main ingredient across our crispbread range.

We’ve used the same base recipe since the 1930’s!

We don’t believe in adding any unnecessary ingredients such as genetically modified or artificial ingredients to our Ryvita® Crispbread.


We work closely with a small select number of growers to ensure we get the best quality rye for our crispbread.

Our farmers are based across England and the majority of our rye is grown in East Anglia where the soil is particularly good for growing rye! We mill all our own rye in Poole, right next door to where Ryvita® is baked.

Sustainably made

At the heart of our commitment to sustainability lies a dedicated effort to reduce packaging and food waste. We're actively striving to enhance the sustainability of our plastic packaging, involving expert teams within the Ryvita® company.

All our cardboard is made from recycled board that can be recycled across the country. We only use vegetable-based inks & water-based varnishes across all our products.

Ryvita® is now a member of How2Recycle;
a comprehensive recycling labelling system for packaging in Canada, designed specifically for consumers.

How2Recycle label on our packaging makes recycling easy for you by clearly stating what can and can't be recycled with each component of our packaging.

If you want to learn more, visit our FAQ page or How2Recycle.info

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